Fun Crafts With Plastic Eggs

Update:22 Sep 2021

Instead of storing your plastic Easter eggs in the freezer, line them up in your garden and let them grow to accept their new life as food for the birds. Instead of filling the landfill with old plastic eggs, have them used immediately. You'll find 7 unusual ways to make use of your plastic Easter egg expeditions for the entire family! Use your old plastic Easter egg containers for wonderful picnic lunch ideas. Kids-friendly reusable friendly-tooth picks are available in several flavors, so there's no reason not to include them for the table.


Use your old plastic eggs as easy, but effective, substitutes for paper napkins. Cut up a few extra-large eggs, then soak them in some liquid nail polish remover for a fun way to decorate your own nails. You might also cut up some smaller leftover plastic eggs and use those for egg-shaped holders for marbles, cups, or bowls. These can be strung together to form shapes including Easter balls, candy fingers, or even egg-shaped lip glosses. Your kids can help you shape these by gently running the fork through the holes.


What can you do with your plastic eggs when it comes to crafts? While they're still soft, moisten them with some water. Wet paint is available in several fun hues; try the bright yellow for an Easter costume party or the pastel pink for a baby shower themed craft. To make molding easier, apply some silicone spray to the eggs before pouring the melted plastic into the mold. Then draw shapes on the silicone, including circles and flowers, until you've completed your cute Easter egg crafts.



For younger children who want to get inventive, consider making their own Easter egg craft ideas. This is a great time to ask your kids to brainstorm ideas on what they would like to do with their plastic eggs - would they like to bake them, fry them, or boil them? The options are almost limitless.


One fun craft idea is to make Easter egg popovers using an egg timer. All you need are eight or nine eggs, a couple of cups of water, a cute little pop tart pan, and some food coloring. Once you've gathered your supplies and put your pans together, let your kids pop the eggs one at a time in the pan.


Another neat craft idea for plastic Easter eggs is to create cute little jewelry boxes that can be used to store Easter eggs. Start by gathering up some small plastic eggs and some jewelry pins. Split the jewelry pins up into two piles. One pile should contain longer necklaces, while the other should contain shorter ones. Have your kids string together the longer necklaces into larger knots and then string the shorter ones into smaller ones.