Painted pumpkin designs are among the most popular Halloween decoration options available today

Update:23 Jul 2021

For the true horror lover in all of us, a Halloween pumpkin decoration is one of the scariest things you can put up on your lawn or porch. From scary craft items to fantastic Halloween decoration suppliers, there's what you're seeking. In particular, here's an extensive online database of Halloween Pumpkin Decoration suppliers who believe in the quality, design and quality of the products they sell.


There are many styles of Halloween pumpkin decoration, each featuring its own peculiarities. You can choose from pumpkin carving, infusing it with ghostly energy, scary pumpkins, jack-o'-lanterns and many others. But the most popular style, which is certainly worth giving a look at, is the "scary pumpkin" idea. Here are some tips on how to achieve a truly spooky effect with your Halloween pumpkin ideas:


Painted pumpkin designs are among the most popular Halloween decoration options available today. They're also among the most inexpensive. A painted pumpkin can be made into almost any shape imaginable, whether it's a Jack-o'-lantern, a bride and groom figurine, or a football shaped pumpkin. Painted pumpkin ideas can be based on actual ghost stories, featuring ghosts, ghouls and goblins, or on any other scary story you might have in mind. You can also paint your Halloween pumpkin decoration with outlines or hand-painted scenes to enhance the appearance of a painted design.

Another affordable option for Halloween pumpkin decoration is spooky string lights. The glow from these lights can be so exciting, you'll want to move your house just to see it. These Halloween party fixtures come in many different styles, patterns, colors and designs, ranging from classic white to multi-colored. You can hang these lights from the outside or between light fixtures inside your home. They're also easy to install, so you won't have any further problems installing your own Halloween spooky lights.


To enhance the look of your Halloween pumpkin decoration, consider putting some scary faces on it. You can draw funny faces on it using a black marker or markers, and then spray paint them in to give it a more realistic effect. If you don't want the kids to touch your face designs, you can put a mask on them instead. Or, you can go a step further and make your face a scary face by adding a red wig and makeup. You can also add an additional orange or purple wig to give that extra scary look.


For a more affordable alternative to painted pumpkin decorations, try making your own Halloween pumpkins using a spray paint pen. Using a paint pen you can create a variety of different designs, patterns and images. You can also decorate the pumpkins with some dried flowers or leaves to give it some extra spooky effects. If you are trying to save money during the holiday season, you can paint leftover pumpkin peelings into different colors and use them to make your own fall decor. This is also a fun activity for the kids that you can enjoy at Halloween without having to spend a lot of money!