Plastic Eggs As Your Easter Egg Hunt Theme

Update:15 Oct 2021

The Plastic Egg Game is a perfect choice for a family Easter party. Kids of all ages will have fun using their imaginations to try and figure out who drew what, when the eggs pop or if they've really been thrown out. The best thing about this game is that it doesn't cost much. This year with a newborn baby and a preschooler most likely will have plenty of laughs around Easter time. Even young children (and even older ones!)


The game involves opening plastic eggs by pulling them out of a plastic container. You can also change the containers to include a variety of different fruits, vegetables, characters, and more. This easy game only requires no preparation other than opening some plastic eggs on Easter morning. Simply line the bottom of the container with the toy and have your child start popping the plastic eggs one at a time as they float down. Once the first egg is popped your child has won! It doesn't get much easier then that.


Every year parents get ready to face a long list of Easter gifts they have to buy, only to find they don't have enough time to shop or they run out before the shopping is finished. Easter gift giving is such an important part of Easter history and it only gets more stressful as kids become older and more mature. This year a great idea for parents is to host a "Easter egg hunt" where the kids come with their parents. This way everyone gets excited and the day doesn't seem so full of hassles. This also makes for a fun family event that everyone enjoys.

Another way to make your next Easter party a big hit is to host a "Easter craft" that is geared to the age group. Younger kids love to create their own crafts and it is always fun to see the different faces their face when they see something they have made on their own. Even smaller kids love to help out in the kitchen by making clay Easter eggs and other craft supplies for the festivities.


To make the process even easier you can buy plastic eggs that are decorated to match your theme. Many stores will even have different themes available for you to pick from. When you are choosing the eggs for your "Easter egg hunt" pick a theme that is not too complex like superman or dinosaurs because you want the kids to just have fun creating them. Go with more simple themes like a plastic egg that has a smiley face on the bottom and that has many different colors is a good choice. There are a number of other ideas you could use as well if you have a more advanced theme in mind.


Some other ideas you could use are plastic eggs that have little American flags planted on top, plastic eggs that have Chinese characters on them, rice krispie treats or anything else you could think of. You can get as creative as you want to with these little creations because after all they were made everyday by millions of people. These plastic easter eggs can be displayed on any wall in your home and they will bring back memories for many generations. Take some time today to look at all the great ideas you have and to make something special. After all this is the purpose of the holiday season, to give and receive gifts and spread the joy!