The making technology of Easter eggs

Update:19 Jun 2020

The advent of eggshell crafts has broken through the limitation of the traditional form of resurrected eggs, and the issue of "eating" can no longer be considered. In modern Europe, a wide variety of poultry egg shell decoration methods are emerging, egg inlay art, egg enamel art, egg mounting technique, egg makeup wrapping technique, egg batik technique, egg landscaping technique and egg electromechanical application technique, etc. , And later also developed the art of egg embroidery. People in the industry refer to the eggshell crafts processed by the above-mentioned decoration methods as "decorated eggs". So far, there are not only traditional dyed eggs and egg paintings in the resurrection egg family, but also colorful decorative eggs with different shapes.

The master of decorative egg art is the first to promote egg inlay art. In pursuit of luxury, royals and nobles in European history competed to use expensive gold and silver jewelry as inlays to process resurrected eggs to produce more beautiful eggshell crafts. There have been many amazing works of great value, the most famous of which is Karl Gustavovich Faberge, a famous Russian goldsmith and arts and crafts designer (1846-1920) ) From 1885 to 1916, more than fifty royal resurrection eggs have been made for the tsar's royal family. There are still ten collected in the Kremlin, and most of them have been scattered around the world due to social unrest. On January 08, 2004, the rich Forbes family of the United States announced that it would auction nine collections of Tsar Royal Resurrection Eggs at the Sotheby's auction house in New York, USA. After receiving the news, the Russian oil giant Vickerselberg immediately invested in the recovery of national treasures. It took less than a month to buy the nine Royal Resurrection Eggs for 54 million pounds. national hero. The aesthetic expression of egg mosaic art far exceeds the traditional egg-dyeing and egg-painting arts, and it also focuses more on the value-added embodiment of poultry egg shells than other decorative egg arts, creating the myth of egg art.

Following egg craft foods and eggshell crafts, European and American countries have also developed imitation egg craft foods and egg crafts.

As mentioned earlier, the early resurrection eggs were all egg craft foods, and eggshell crafts were produced in the late European Renaissance. In this way, the resurrection egg is divided into two different things. One is food, and the other is crafts. Their raw materials are eggs. But there is a weakness of poultry eggs, that is, the taste is not rich enough after being cooked, and the children are not particularly fond of it. As a result, people have invented egg-like craft foods that imitate the shape of poultry eggs, using chocolate, flour and other edible materials. Eggs also have a weakness, that is easy to damage. According to religious customs, Easter "treasure hunting" activities are held, that is, hiding the resurrected eggs for children to find, and believe that whoever finds the resurrected eggs will be lucky, and the eggs are often broken during the search process. Therefore, people invented the imitation egg crafts which imitated the shape of the poultry egg and made of non-edible materials such as wood and leather.

The egg craft foods, eggshell crafts, imitation egg craft foods and imitation egg crafts listed above all retain the basic attributes of resurrected eggs. They existed with each other, they did not replace the former because of the latter, they just played a role of substitution.

Egg carvings made using eggshell carving techniques belong to the category of handicrafts and are called "manual egg carvings". The modern egg laser engraving technology refers to the process technology of using laser technology to carve the egg shells of the eggs through the computer digital control system. The egg carving processed by this technology has lost the attributes of handicrafts and is usually regarded as For industrial products, it is called "computer egg carving". Computer egg carving has also joined the ranks of resurrection eggs, and the number is increasing year by year. So far, the resurrection eggs have been formed from egg-dyed craft food, egg-painted craft food, egg-dyed crafts, egg-painted crafts, decorative eggs (including inlaid eggs, enamel eggs, mounted eggs, makeup wrapped eggs, batik eggs, landscape eggs , Electromechanical application of eggs and egg embroidery), imitation egg craft food (such as "chocolate resurrection eggs") and imitation egg crafts (such as "plastic resurrection eggs"), egg carving crafts, laser egg carving crafts, etc. Egg art system, which includes both poultry egg art, imitation egg art, egg craft food, eggshell crafts, all kinds of eggs, various traditional handicrafts such as egg carving, etc. There is an unexpected industrial product-computer egg carving.