What do Easter eggs represent?

Update:21 Aug 2019

In the 12th century, eggs were added to Easter festivals. The eggs were mostly painted in red, and they were also painted in color and smiling faces. It is generally referred to as the "Easter Egg" (also commonly referred to as the Easter egg).

The original symbolic meaning of the egg is "spring-the beginning of a new life". Christians are used to symbolize "the resurrection of Jesus and walk out of the tomb." Easter eggs are the most important food symbol in Easter, meaning the beginning and continuation of life.

Foreigners use eggs, and now hollow chocolate is also used to make eggs, which are ornamental and edible, and Easter eggs that are cooked and eaten are used as logos.

Easter eggs are designed to bring happiness to people-indeed they are! These eggs are beautiful, beautiful and decorative. They represent people's good wishes and share the joy of changing seasons.