What is an Easter Eggs

Update:18 Aug 2021

Easter eggs, also known as Paschal eggs, are small eggs which can be neatly decorated. They are typically used as gifts on the auspicious occasion of Easter. As such, Easter eggs have become quite common throughout the entire season of Eastertide worldwide. As a result, they come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.


Some of the most well-known Easter eggs include those shaped like a man, a woman, a dove, an angel, an arch, and even a portrait. There are literally hundreds of different Easter eggs to choose from and these eggs symbolize different things. For example, the female Easter egg is used to represent the Virgin Mary or the mother of God; the male Easter egg represents Jesus Christ; the arch Easter egg is a symbol of resurrection; and the pearl Easter egg is a symbol of everlasting life. No matter what you choose, no matter how you carve it, the Easter egg remains a symbol of Easter and is a favorite gift for young children during the spring season.


While many Christians believe that Easter was originally given by the church as a way of reminding the world about the birth of Jesus Christ, some non-Christians also see Easter as a religious festival. On that note, many non-Christians believe that Easter was created by the church to commemorate the fact that Jesus Christ returned from the dead. They do so by carving the original Easter egg into a replica of the grave of Jesus Christ. Many Christians also decorate their homes and vehicles with eggs to celebrate Easter. As, well as the gifts that we give and decorations we place around our homes, some Christians even decorate their tombs with pictures of Mary and Jesus Christ.

While there are many different explanations for why the Easter egg comes to symbolize the Easter holiday, it is generally accepted that the Christian religion gave it birth through its symbolization of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The early Christians celebrated the beginning of spring, when they gathered to remember and praise the birth of Christ. Many Christians believe that the Easter egg was given by Christ himself to symbolize the fact that he was born just after the Crucifixion. In fact, many Christians still celebrate Easter as a time to celebrate the death and the end of the winter season. For those Christians who hold onto this belief, the Easter egg is one of the most precious pieces of jewelry that they can have in order to remember this event. To them, an Easter egg is more than just an Easter egg!


Throughout the course of history, the Easter egg has been used to celebrate many different events. It was used to honor the birth of Christ, the miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the beginning of the Christian Era, and many other important historical events. One such event that is honored with the use of the Easter egg is the Nativity of Joseph and Mary. This particular holiday comes only once per year and to Christians, it is a major celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Because of this, many Christians wear decorative Easter eggs as a way of remembering this amazing event.


Easter eggs may not be what you think they are. Did you know that there are Easter eggs which are actually representations of the things that are true? What could be more meaningful for Christians than to have a symbol representing the resurrection of their Lord? Many purchase hidden Easter eggs to place in a tree of worship so that they may find the resurrection of Jesus Christ and obtain eternal life with Him.