Are pc plastic cups safe?

Update:23 Apr 2021

1. Is the pc plastic cup safe?

Food-grade PC plastic cups are safe and harmless. PC plastic can be used to make sports water cups, bottles, etc. It is widely used in the production of plastic containers and is a safe material.


PC plastic refers to polycarbonate plastic, which is a high molecular polymer containing carbonate groups in the molecular chain. According to the structure of the ester group, it can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic-aromatic and other types. A tough thermoplastic resin whose name comes from the CO3 group inside it. It can be synthesized from bisphenol A and carbon oxychloride (COCl2). The most commonly used method is melt transesterification.


The pc plastic cup is safe under normal use, but it should be noted that because the pc plastic cup is synthesized by bisphenol A and carbon oxychloride (COCl2), and has poor heat resistance, if it is filled with hot water or heated, it will release toxic double Phenol A, therefore, it is recommended to buy a colorless pc plastic water cup, and do not use it to hold hot water or put it in a microwave oven.

2. Can pc plastic cups be filled with wine?

At present, the plastic barrel packaging of liquor on the market is divided into two categories: one is general polyethylene plastic, and the liquor is packed in polyethylene plastic barrels. Over time, polyethylene can be dissolved in alcohol in large quantities. After people drink this kind of wine, It can cause skin allergies, and severely can cause anemia. The other category is environmentally friendly PET packaging. PET is a new type of high-molecular polyester material, which has been used for the packaging of beer and other low-alcohol wines abroad. It is used to pack white wine and will not be harmful, but after a long storage time, the alcohol will gradually volatilize.


Usually, PC plastic cups are not used for wine, and other plastic cups or plastic bottles should not be used for too long, otherwise the plastic will decompose and cause carcinogens. In addition, the organic solvent in the plastic cup is soluble in alcohol, but the concentration and other conditions are different, the dissolution speed varies with different, harmful to the human body, so it is best not to use plastic cups for white wine, the higher the concentration, the more the white wine Plastic cups should not be used.