How to clean children's plastic water cups

Update:29 Apr 2021

1. How often do children's plastic cups be changed?
Compared with ordinary plastic cups, children's plastic water cups have a smaller capacity, higher safety, and better sealing and leak-proof performance, usually with a straw. As we all know, plastic water cups are relatively resistant to fall and are not easily damaged. Their service life is usually about 3-5 years. However, children’s plastic cups should not be used for too long, because plastic water cups are easy to breed bacteria, and naughty babies may throw the cups. Bumps and bumps will affect the use. Therefore, the replacement frequency of children's plastic cups should not be too long.

It is recommended to choose a plastic water cup with good performance such as pp material. Try to replace it if it is damaged or change it once a year. If it is a plastic bottle, it needs to be replaced more frequently. It is better to change it every two to three months, because plastic cups The problem of aging cannot always be avoided, and the bumps and bumps in use by children accelerate the aging process of the plastic water cup, so the children’s water cup can be replaced once a year at most if it is not damaged.

2. How to clean children's plastic water cups
Pay attention to the cleaning of children's water cups, which have a great impact on children's health, so how to clean children's plastic cups?

You can buy a cleaning brush dedicated to cleaning baby bottles, with a slender brush with a brush on it, which can clean the straws of children's plastic water cups. When cleaning the cup, first remove the straw from the lid, and thoroughly clean the straw and the water outlet on the lid. Milk and other liquids are prone to remain oxidized on the cup, so the joints, turns or hidden corners of the cup must be cleaned.

Third, how to choose the material of children's plastic cups
Plastic water cups are suitable for use as children's water cups because of their changeable shapes, bright colors, and the characteristics of not afraid of being beaten. However, it should be noted that only regular high-quality plastic water cups can ensure health and safety. Generally speaking, the mark on the small triangle on the bottom of the plastic cup is "05", that is, pp material (polypropylene) is safe and non-toxic, suitable for children.

In addition, when choosing a plastic cup, you must choose food-grade plastic that meets national standards, and do not buy inferior water cups at a small price.