Colored Easter Egg DIY

Update:08 Jul 2021

Easter is a wonderful holiday, and one of the favorite holiday decorations is an Easter egg! Whether you are making your own Easter eggs at home or purchasing pre-made eggs and decorating them yourself, there are many different ideas for Easter eggs. The most popular eggs are those that are made with bright, colorful washi tape. These eggs are usually made for the March Egg Roll held in April, and they are sold as a special limited edition product.


Before you make an Easter egg, you should know some tips and suggestions about using colorful washi tape. If you want to make an Easter egg that is bright and colorful, you will need to use the bright side of the tape. Instead of using a standard white paper towel, use a baby blue, light pink, or peach color paper towel. Use a rubber band to stretch the paper towel from one end to the other, leaving a small strip of exposed elastic on the bottom of the egg. You should be able to cut off one inch of the elastic from the bottom of the egg, leaving a big white flat edge.


After cutting the egg out of your cookie sheet, you should clean the egg by rubbing it with a paper towel so as to remove all traces of food color. Then, you should use a decoupage medium in order to fix the paper to the egg. Some people use an ordinary piece of paper to lay down the colors. Others prefer to lay a sheet of clear or frosted paper over the paper towel before placing the egg on top of it. Either way, you should try to not let the egg fall through the paper.

Once the egg has dried for an hour, you can start to paint it. If you use the same color of paint for your egg and for your paper towels, you will be able to create a great look. But if you are using contrasting colors, you will be able to bring out the natural color of the egg through your craft paint.


To make this great looking edible artwork, you need to prepare three cups of distilled white vinegar, one cup of food dye and one cup of water. The first step is to get the distilled vinegar. You can use your favorite store brand or you can go out and purchase it in bulk at a craft retailer. You will also need a container that can contain the vinegar. One cup of food dye will give you the needed color for your project. And, one cup of water will help to keep the mixture from drying out too much.


To make your colored Easter eggs really amazing, you can put them into one of your origami papers. Cut the paper into different shapes and add different colored food coloring to make the designs more appealing. You can also make use of different types of paper to create the different designs that you want on your origami paper and use the dye eggs to come up with the best looking designs.