How to Make an Egg in the Colors of an Easter Egg For Easter

Update:29 Jun 2021

Springtime calls for a lovely assortment of colorful Easter eggs to celebrate the joyous occasion. But what's more, it also calls for some extra careful planning. If you're lacking in any of these things, your Easter eggs may quickly fall apart. Luckily, doable Easter eggs can still be just as colorful with very little work. Whether you prefer the no dye Easter eggs or want to try a more traditional egg that's dyed blue or even purple, these creative ideas have you covered for any Easter eggs you need.


First, let's get started decorating with eggs. Whether you're going for a fun look or a more traditional look, you can make Easter fun again this year by decorating with hard-boiled eggs. While you can purchase pre-hardened eggs in the store, a better idea is to make your own Easter eggs. To make hard-boiled eggs simply use a pan and brown sugar in the bottom. Roll out your brown sugar into a sausage shape and place over your hard-boiled eggs, ensuring they are completely covered with the sugar.

To add some colorful touches to your eggs, first paint a border of three colors on the bottom of your pan. Next, carefully roll out your border and then let dry. Next, using your wet fingers, gently paint in three colors of the border fabric. Let dry, then gently fluff up the bottom edge so your Easter decorating project is complete. Once you've finished decorating your Easter eggs, be sure to give them a nice clean and lightly sanded finish.


After you have finished decorating your Easter eggs, it's time to let them sit. For this, you will need a large piece of newspaper and a soft hand, as you will have to gently remove the color from the egg. Gently wipe the bottom of the hard-boiled egg with a damp piece of paper towel and allow it to dry. When it is dry, carefully re-wax it and then repeat the steps above.


One last how-to: if you have a paintbrush and colorful paints, you can also paint your eggs. Simply grab a paintbrush and spray the egg with any color of paint you desire. Let dry. Then, using craft glue, paint the outline of the Easter Bunny on the egg.


That's it! Your colorful Easter egg is now complete. All you have to do is take it to the Easter party and wow everyone with your homemade Easter eggs. I encourage you to decorate your eggs the way you see fits for this particular Easter themed celebration. If you do not have the time to make your own Easter eggs, just remember this simple step-by-step how-to.