How to Make Easter Glitter Eggs

Update:23 Jun 2021

If you love chocolate and want to add a little bling to your next party, Easter Egg decorations are the perfect solution. You can decorate eggs any way that you want to. If you're planning an Easter egg party, there are several different ways you can decorate the eggs. From wreaths to eggs and even fake animals, you can find an idea that's right for you. These party decorations are very easy and inexpensive to put together.


Start by setting out a plastic table. For each one of your guests, get an empty plastic egg to use as a stand. You will also need one egg per person. With so many creative ways to celebrate this spring holiday, you will want to stock up on those brightly colored Way To Play Easter Glitter Eggs before the day of the party.


Coated with bright multicolored glitter, each egg is designed to be eaten right off of an Easter tray. In order to create a more realistic look, cover each egg with a small plastic bow. You don't have to make the bow yourself. There are numerous shapes and colorful accessories available at any craft store that will serve as an Easter eggs holder. These accessories range in price from $1.00 to several dollars.


Now it's time to assemble your eggs! Take an egg tray and coat it in the glue. Then, take an egg paintbrush and prepare the paintbrush for painting. This requires you to dry your paintbrush between coats.



Allow enough time for drying. Once you've given the egg enough time for drying, you can now paint the eggs. You can choose from many different styles. To make decorating Easter eggs easier, follow the "rule" of thumb when choosing paint colors: Choose ones that match all of your other decorations, except for the eggs!


Glitter is fun to decorate with. For a quick project, cover one or two eggs in craft glue and cover the entire surface of an egg with the craft glue. Then, use dry flowers and glitter on both the outside and inside of the egg. It's a quick and easy Easter craft idea that your whole family will enjoy. Just be sure to keep those eggs in their special plastic Easter baskets!


For larger eggs, you can glue small pieces of glittered white tissue paper to the top of each egg. Next, tape each piece to a piece of dry cardboard. If you wish to include a flower or a design, you can glue a little piece of paper to the top of the tissue paper before you stick it down. Then, place a piece of white craft glue over the glue that holds the tissue papers together. Next, use dry flower petals and a little glitter to decorate your Easter eggs.


When your child has painted their Easter eggs, remember to put them in their Easter baskets before they are removed from the tree. These adorable Easter crafts can be kept for months. And if you are planning to make a tradition of making Easter eggs on Easter Sunday, be sure to let your children know ahead of time that this is the only day that you will allow them to paint and decorate their Easter eggs. They will love you for it!