How to spend Halloween in various countries

Update:09 Feb 2021

1. British Halloween
The United Kingdom is the origin of Halloween, but each place has its own special activities. Every year in mid to late October, in the streets of London can feel the "spooky" atmosphere. During Halloween, the Tower of London near the restoration of many past torture scene, people can feel the ghosts while visiting. London's largest nightclubs will be held on the night of October 31 Halloween ball, all-night party.

Yorkshire is a famous ghost county in the United Kingdom, every year on Halloween, the city center around the road will be closed, used as a place to hold festive events. The scale of this top UK Halloween celebration, more than 40,000 people each year to participate in the participants to the ghouls and monsters of the scary look, and together with the streets to scare people. In addition, there are many activities for visitors to participate in the day: haunted street theater, haunted fashion shows, band performances and so on.


2. American Halloween
Halloween was introduced to the United States in the 1840s. Due to the Irish famine at the time, resulting in a large number of Irish immigrants to the United States, they also brought the custom of celebrating Halloween to this part of the United States.

Every day in the United States all stores sell ghosts and monsters shaped food, candy, costumes and masks, etc.. Since pumpkin lanterns are the symbol of the holiday, families buy pumpkins to make pumpkin lanterns and conduct pumpkin lantern contests.

In the evening, children participate in trick-or-treating activities, carrying pumpkin lanterns from house to house to ask for candy. If the owner does not give candy, the children will make trouble for the owner in various ways, either by throwing garbage to the owner's door or trampling on the pumpkin at their door, which is the famous "trick-or-treating".

3. Canada Halloween
Halloween is also known as "Ghost Day" in Canada. On that night, people in Canada dress up in scary costumes, hoping to scare away the "ghosts". People dressed as "ghosts", both adults and children, have to carry pockets from door to door to ask for candy, the Canadian Governor General's Office and the Prime Minister's Office is full of people.

Before Halloween, on the first Monday of October, Canada also has a special pumpkin festival, which is also considered the country's Thanksgiving. At that time, orange pumpkins are piled up in supermarkets and orchards. People buy back pumpkins, will make many unique flavor of pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake or pumpkin ribs, the taste is very good.


4. French Halloween
It is said that Halloween is not a French tradition, but now it is slowly becoming popular in France. 1982, a restaurant called "American Dream" began to celebrate Halloween in Paris, when the restaurant staff had to explain to the French what they were celebrating.

By 1995, Halloween was almost a household name. Older French people still talk about it with disdain, thinking it is an American holiday, but children are happy to go door to door asking for candy.

On All Saints' Day, the French usually go to the cemetery of Montmartre and the cemetery of Father Laz in Paris to offer chrysanthemums, and there are thousands of flower stores along the way from Paris to these two cemeteries, full of elegant and fragrant chrysanthemums, and people go to the cemetery incessantly. On this day, the Catholic faithful give thanks and praise to the Lord and ask the saints of heaven to pray on their behalf so that God may receive the prayers of the faithful.