What is the difference between pc plastic cup and pp plastic cup

Update:02 Feb 2021

What is the difference between pc plastic cup and pp plastic cup

The pc plastic cup refers to a plastic cup made of polycarbonate and the bottom number is 7; the pp plastic cup refers to a plastic cup made of polypropylene and the bottom number is 5. The main differences between PC Suri Ohh quilt and PP plastic cup are as follows:

1. The PC material plastic cup has good light transmittance, is lighter than glass, and has a lower price. The PC material plastic cup can withstand the temperature of -30-140℃, but this material will not crack when used at this temperature , Melted.

2. The PP plastic cup is very light and not easy to break; it has good heat resistance, no doubt about the production of toxic substances, stable and safe; the only disadvantage is that the light transmission is slightly poor.

3. The hardness of plastic PC is higher than that of general-purpose plastic PP. PP raw material is translucent milky white, and PC raw material is transparent. PP, also known as Baizhe rubber, has better toughness, and PC, also known as bulletproof rubber, has much higher toughness, hardness and impact strength.

4. PP is a general-purpose plastic, the density of PP is less than 1.0cm/g, and PP is floating on the water; PC is an engineering plastic, and the density of PC is greater than 1.0cm/g, and PC is submerged.

5. PC plastic cups will produce bisphenol-A and other carcinogens after repeated heating, but PP plastic cups will not.



Can the pc plastic cup be filled with boiling water
Not possible.

The pc plastic cup can withstand a high temperature of up to 80 degrees, which means that even 100 degrees Celsius boiling water can’t be filled. The hazard of the pc plastic cup is that the toxic substance bisphenol A is easily released under high temperature conditions. Harmful to the human body. Under high heat and high temperature, the pc material will undergo a chemical reaction and produce toxic and harmful substances. Long-term accidental ingestion will cause great damage to the human body. Therefore, when using pc material plastic cups, please avoid high temperature and heat as much as possible. Fill the plastic cup made of pc with boiling water, do not put it directly into the microwave or oven, and do not expose it to direct sunlight.


Can pp plastic cup be filled with boiling water
It can be installed but not recommended.

PP plastic is polypropylene plastic. This material is non-toxic and will not cause any harm to the human body after use. The processing temperature during the production process needs to reach 180-240 degrees, so even if it is filled with boiling water, it will not put the PP plastic cup Decompose it, so you don’t have to worry about the toxicity of the PP plastic cup during use. However, plastic cups for boiling water are not as suitable as ceramic cups, glass cups or stainless steel vacuum flasks. Therefore, Maigoo editor does not recommend that you use plastic cups for drinking hot water.