What is the best material for plastic water cups?

Update:20 Nov 2020

1.PC material

PC plastic cups controversy, since the PC plastic cups in the PC material found bisphenol A substance, the plastic cups of heat using less and less people, and even many people have given up using plastic cups, in fact, although BPA is terrible, but only at high temperature will trigger, if not PC cups filled with hot water, do not worry about the problem of BPA.


2.PP material

PP is a polypropylene with a melting point of 167°C, it is the only plastic product that can be put in the microwave oven and can be reused after careful cleaning, PP cups have good heat resistance and chemical stability, in addition to being eroded by concentrated sulfuric and nitric acid, it is stable to a variety of other chemical reagents.


At present, Bisphenol A is only found in PC material, not in PP material, of course, this does not mean that the PP plastic cups are good, because there are relevant institutions to detect the PP plastic cups will be released at high temperature Bisphenol S, its hazards and Bisphenol A is similar, but as long as it is not used at high temperature, there will be no problem.


3.Tritan material

The safest plastic cup material is Tritan, which is the material used in baby products in Europe and the United States. It not only does not contain Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S, but also does not contain any bisphenol substances.




How to buy the right plastic cup


1. Look at the material

Plastic cups to buy the first thing to look at is the cup material, the cup material determines the quality of the cup, generally speaking, silicone resin is better, followed by polypropylene particles (pp), such materials, high temperature, low temperature resistance are very strong, the former temperature range is -40 degrees - 200 degrees, which is -20 degrees - 120 degrees.



Cups will be marked with a use, so the cups to choose "food" before line, marked with other uses of the cup as far as possible not to buy use, otherwise it will have adverse effects on health, no mark purpose of the plastic cup is also recommended to buy.



Good plastic cups, even if the new smell will not have a very special odor, but some low-quality plastic cups, a close proximity can smell the pungent taste of poor quality plastic or rubber taste, that the cup quality is very poor, try not to buy.


4.See the production license mark

Before the production of water glasses need to have a license issued by a specialized agency, so the bottle will be marked with "QS" production license logo, although the logo is not to determine the quality of the cup, but the logo of the cup in order to consider buying. And the color of the logo should be pure, clear pattern, beware of counterfeit.


5.Look at the manufacturer

Water cups made by legitimate manufacturers are clearly labeled with the specific manufacturer, manufacturing address, distributor, and specific contact information, while inferior cups often have ambiguous information or no similar information at all.