What kind of tree is the Christmas tree

Update:25 Dec 2020

In fact, most Christmas trees are made of natural trees or artificial trees. The first choice for natural trees is the fir genus, because the needle-shaped leaves of this species are not easy to fall off after drying, and the color and smell are good. Let's take a look at the tree species that can be used as a Christmas tree.


1. Spruce
Spruce is also known as Maoxian Spruce and Maoxian Fir. For the arbor. The height can reach 45 meters, and the diameter at breast height can reach 1 meter; the bark is light gray-brown or light brown-gray, cracked into irregular scales or thicker pieces fall off.


2. Cedar
Cedar is a plant of the cedar genus of the Pinaceae family. An evergreen tree with a spire-shaped crown, with large branches flat and small branches slightly drooping. Produced in western Asia, western Himalayas and Africa, along the Mediterranean coast, China has only one type of Himalayan cedar, distributed in southern Tibet, India and Afghanistan.


3. European fir
European fir is also called silver fir, which is a tree plant. The height of the tree can reach 45 meters; the tip of the leaf is round and slightly concave, and there are two-day gray-white stomata on the back; the cone is cylindrical.



4. Caucasus fir
An evergreen dwarf cone-shaped coniferous tree that likes moist soil, up to 5 meters in height, and up to 2 meters in diameter.


5. Norwegian silver fir
Silver fir is an evergreen tree in the Pinaceae family, with a tall, straight trunk, tall and beautiful, and dense foliage.


6. Purple Fir
The arbor can be up to 40 meters high and 1.5 meters in diameter at breast height; the bark is dark gray and cracked into irregular pieces.


7. Pinus tabulaeformis
Pinus tabulaeformis is an evergreen tree with coniferous leaves in the Pinaceae family, with a height of 30 meters and a diameter at breast height of up to 1 meter. The lower part of the bark is grayish-brown, cracked into irregular scales. It is a tree species endemic to China, produced in Northeast, Central Plains, Northwest and Southwest provinces.


8.Black pine
Black pine, also known as white bud pine, is an evergreen tree, up to 30 meters high, and the tree belt is gray-black. It blooms in April with a single flower. The female peanut is purple at the top of the new bud, and most of the seed scales (carpels) are arranged in a spherical shape.