Why does the plastic water cup crack?

Update:12 Dec 2020

1. Why does the plastic water cup crack?


Many friends who use plastic cups will find that plastic cups will crack after use, even if they are not dropped or the quality is too hard, there will be cracks. In fact, the reason for the cracking of plastic cups is mainly due to plastic aging and hardening. Under normal circumstances, the shrinkage rate of the material is much greater than that of glass. Under extreme heat conditions, it will generally not break like a glass cup, but the cup itself will become significantly softer and emit an odor. Frequent exposure to hot, high temperature, oily, acid and alkali environments will accelerate the aging and hardening of plastic cups, causing cracks over time.


Therefore, when we use plastic cups, in addition to avoiding strong drops, we should also avoid using plastic cups to contain high temperature, oil, acid and alkali liquids.


2.How to repair a plastic cup cracked


The repair method for cracked plastic cups is to mix with resin AB adhesive and apply it to the gap. Wait for the adhesive to dry and clean and disinfect before use, which is convenient and quick.


However, it is recommended that you do not use the plastic cup after it is cracked, because the cracked plastic cup may be a product of poor quality. Drinking water may cause some damage to the body; if it is not a quality problem, it means that the plastic cup has been used for a long time The plastic cup material has begun to decompose, and it is easy to breed some small molecule products; and small cracks are easy to breed bacteria, which is not good for our health. Therefore, timely replacement of cracked plastic cups is a better choice.


When buying and replacing plastic cups, try to buy plastic water cups with the QS logo, and try to buy products from well-known brands in physical stores. Do not choose plastic cups with peculiar smells and sharp protruding mouths.