Are plastic water cups toxic? How to disinfect new plastic cups?

Update:27 Jan 2021

Is the plastic water cup poisonous?
Plastic is a polymer chemical material. When hot or boiled water is filled in a plastic cup, the polymer is easy to precipitate and dissolve into the water, which is harmful to human health after drinking. Moreover, the plastic structure is not compact, and its internal microstructure has many pores, which hide dirt, and bacteria can grow if it is not cleaned. Therefore, the selection of plastic cups is very important for the selection of plastic materials, and food grade plastics that meet national standards must be selected.

Most of the plastic cups made of qualified food grade plastics are not harmful to human health if they are used to drink cold boiled water daily. However, the material of some plastic cups is not resistant to high temperatures and will release harmful bisphenol A and biphenols at high temperatures. Phenol S and other bisphenol substances, this substance is toxic, so it is not recommended to use plastic cups to hold hot water. If necessary, it is recommended to use HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and tritan plastic cups .



How to disinfect the newly bought plastic cups
When we buy plastic water cups, we can distinguish the quality of plastic water cups by smelling the smell. Even if the new ones smell, they won’t have a very special peculiar smell, but some inferior plastic cups can smell pungent when they get close. Inferior plastic or rubber taste indicates that this cup is of poor quality, so try not to buy it.

In addition, newly purchased plastic cups need to be cleaned and disinfected. There are several ways to disinfect plastic cups:


1. Put a few slices of lemon zest and orange zest in a cup, or drop a few drops of vinegar, and soak overnight.

2. When the milk expires and cannot be drunk, you can put a rag inside to soak it to wipe the cup, and the dirt can be removed soon.

3. Soaking in rice water for one night is also a good method.